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The facility is still in lockdown. Girl 249 doesn't listen to instructions and goes to the window and listens.

Hanna is removing the bullet from Erik's arm.

Investigators are on site at the hotel. 

Marissa goes back to a place where she's holding Sawyer.

Hanna is taking care of her father gathering water and food.

Erik shows Hanna a document he found in Berlin about the other girls in Utrax.

Girl 249 knocks on the wall in the room next to her but the other girl won't talk.

Hanna and Erik continue to Utrax.

Erik wants to make another pit stop to the cemetery.

Marissa leaves with Sawyer and has him call the office. He orders them to kill Erik.

Erik and Hanna arrive at the site. He warns her that there will be many men to kill them.

Marissa and Sawyer are driving and talking when Sawyer makes a move and causes the car to crash. Marissa is knocked out. Sawyer gets away.

Sawyer sets the car on fire before he leaves. Marissa finally wakes up and gets out before the car blows up.

Erik and Hanna approach the facility and come across a fence that Erik said wasn't there before. Hanna senses something there. It's a dog.

Girl 249 is getting restless. She knows Hanna is out there.

Security is still keeping watch over the facility as Erik and Hanna get closer.

Hanna and Erik get into the facility and attack the guards. Security staff knows she's there. Girl 249 watches everything.

Erik has flashbacks from when he saved Hanna. They break into the meds room.

The chase continues. Hanna and Erik start banging on doors. Girl 249 knocks back and tells Hanna she can't open the door and wants to know what's going on.

Girl 249 warns them about the coming guards. Hanna opens fire and springs into action. Erik does all he can to help.

Sawyer finds a farmhouse and requests a phone.

Hanna finds the security room to open the doors when the doctor shows up. He knows Erik.

Hanna orders the doctor to open the doors and he complies. Meanwhile, Marissa finds a ride.

Girl 249 leaves her room and Hanna and Erik go back to find her.

Sawyer approaches with an army.

Girl 249 sees the carnage and tries to get Girl 242 to join her. Girl 242 doesn't listen.

249 gets hold of a gun and stands off against Hanna. She wants information.

Hanna tells 249 her real name is Cara and shows her other information about herself.

Sawyer arrives at the facility. Hanna tries to get other girls to join her. 242 leaves her room.

Hanna tells the girls who she is and tells them they are free and they can come with her. They all approach her. 249 is cautious.

Sawyer orders over the PA to eliminate anyone trying to take them and they start attacking. 249 takes Hanna's side when one attacks. The others prepare to attack, but they just walk away to evacuate as ordered.

Hanna, Cara, and Erik attempt to escape. Erik is having a hard time. His wound is really festering.

One of the girls tells Sawyer about 249 as the rest of them evacuate. Marissa comes upon the scene and sees all the girls getting into the trucks.

The soldiers set the building on fire but they're still pursuing Erik and the others who are now in the training yard. 249 gets some additional weapons.

The guards have them cornered but Erik sets off a bomb. Still, here are more and Erik is having a hard time fighting them off.  Girl 249 gets shot but Hanna saves her.

Erik is injured again and has flashbacks to Johanna and Hanna.

Hanna finds Erik. His Berlin wound is bad and he tells her to leave him there. He knows he's dying. She refuses and they help him up and take him out.

Sawyer comes out and tries to stop them. He wants answers as to why he brought Hanna here. Marissa shows up and kills Sawyer.

Marissa tells them to leave and she will take care of the facility. She takes Sawyer's phone.

Erik and the others get to a van. It's not looking good for Erik. Marissa takes a walk through the facility and remembers.

Marissa calls someone on Sawyer's phone, claims she's injured and lies about Erik and Hanna being dead.

Marissa shoots herself in the leg.

Hanna is very upset when Erik dies. Then she says "Dad, wake up."

They bury Erik and leave.

The other Utrex trainees are on a plane as Hanna and Cara start their new life.




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Hanna Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

What does that girl mean to you? Why do you care what happens to her?


Ordering my execution was also a mistake.