Girl Talk - Hanna
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Hanna tells Marissa that Clara has been taken to The Meadows, but Marissa doesn't know where it is. Marissa tells her to forget about Clara and stay dead as far as Utrax knows. But Hanna insists on finding Clara together. Carmichael gives Leo and Terry two days to reintegrate Clara into Utrax. Hanna returns to Passway, hoping to tail Louis Dumont, the man she remembers. Terry tries to bond with a belligerant Clara. Marissa tracks Sonia to Belgium. Hanna spots Dumont and steals an employee's badge. Sandy informs Leo that Clara shouldn't be allowed to stay at The Meadows. Carmichael figures out it was Hanna who invaded Passway. He calls Marissa and asks if she's heard from Hanna. Hanna steals a car and follows Dumont. Jules has decided she's attracted to women. Hanna finally calls Marissa back. Sonia tracks Hanna, then the car she's driving. Dumont is shipping the drug by truck. Marissa shoots Sonia at the restaurant. Dumont confronts Hanna but Marissa intercedes, playing an upset mother. Terry gives Clara a letter supposedly from her mother, saying she had no choice but to leave her with Utrax. This convinces her to rejoin Utrax. Marissa tries to understand Hanna's connection to Clara. Sandy asks Leo if she can talk to Clara. While Marissa steps out to talk with Carmichael, Hanna rifles her purse. She finds Carmichael's card and decides that Marissa will betray her. Hanna sneaks onto a truck. Marissa finds her and they fight, with Hanna knocking her out. Hanna tails the delivery in Marissa's car. Sandy and Clara make up. Sandy takes Clara to her (Clemency's) new room. Hanna breaks into The Meadows on foot. She takes out guards and grabs two guns. She stares at Clara in civilian clothes and gets captured. 

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Hanna Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Marissa: Are you going to talk to me?
Hanna: Why?
Marissa: Because I came for you. And if I hadn't, you'd be dead.

What do you need?

Sonia [to Carmichael]