Strategy Session - Hanna Season 2 Episode 8
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Hanna and Clara use subterfuge to gain entry into a gated summer home, as a place to hide Kat. Hanna wants to retrieve Gelder's target list. Clara remembers an employee with a portfolio leaving Gelder's room. Marissa learns of Gelder's death. Clara removes her capsule. A detective interviews Sandy about Kat's whereabouts. Sandy tells Carmichael about the vacant vacation villas. He sends Leo to search. While driving, Hanna spies Leo. Clara's mother responds to her email. Reporter Alba Parades finds out Gelder was killed. Marissa spots Hanna at the hotel. Hanna has booked a room. She contacts employee Bernat, who took Gelder's portfolio. Grant, who is with Marissa, is a double agent who calls Carmichael and lets him know Hanna is at the hotel. Hanna gets the file just as Alba arrives. Hanna runs during a firefight and meets Marissa. Hanna informs Marissa that Grant is with Carmichael. Both Hanna and Marissa escape in different directions. Carmichael gave Gelder the target list. Marissa asks Sandy where Hanna and Clara are. Raoul convinces Kat to activate the house alarm, which tips off Leo. Clara senses something is off when she comes downstairs. She sends Raoul outside and he's shot by Leo. Carmichael, Grant, and Leo encircle Clara and Kat. Clara comes down from above to surprise Leo then drives him into the pool. Carmichael shoots Leo, then Hanna shoots Grant from the roof and wings Carmichael. Marissa arrives just in time to take out three goons blocking the driveway. She has Hanna drive Kat to the airport. Marissa makes a deal with Carmichael. Clara tells Hanna she's meeting up with her mother in Morocco. Hanna gives Clara her passport. Terry finds Clara's email but deletes it. Marissa's plan is to work with Carmichael to take the Pioneers down. Clara meets her mother. 

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Hanna Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Leo: Don't tell me. You're hungover again.
Sandy: A little.

You do what we say and everything's going to be just fine, OK?

Hanna [to Raoul]