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Jack visits Will to talk to him about his attempt to "kill" Hannibal. Will tells Jack the ripper kills so that he can eat them. Will asks Jack who Hannibal will have to kill before he opens his eyes. Alana helps Hannibal get over his traumatic experience after nearly choking to death. Alana asks how Hannibal will deal, and he tells her he needs to get his appetite back. Jack visits Hannibal after the latest Ripper murder, and tells him there's a pattern but he's not seeing it. Hannibal tells Jack he's throwing a dinner party. 

Will talks with Gideon, and Gideon makes a deal with Will that he will tell Jack everything if Will can answer why Hannibal did it. Will says because he wanted to see what would happen. Frederick records this conversation and gives it to Jack. Frederick tells Jack that Hannibal fits the profile, that cannibalism is an act of dominance. It would be foolish to not consider it.  

Jack visits Alana who is unsure about many things except for Hannibal. He's been a teacher, mentor, and friend to her, but Jack tells her not to claim to know anyone. Hannibal visits Will. They talk about the murders, and Hannibal mentions to Will that he thinks Will is in more control now than he's ever been before. 

jack visits Gideon, and Gideon tries to spin his story towards Frederick. Gideon gets the orderlies to injure him. At Hannibal's dinner party, Jack notices everyone eating the food Hannibal has prepared, including Alana, and tells Hannibal he cannot stay but hopes he can take some food to go. Hannibal tells Jack to eat it soon or it will spoil. Jack brings the food directly to the lab. Hannibal winks to Frederick. 

Hannibal and Alana talk, and Alana tells Hannibal Jack's treating him like a suspect. Alana kisses Hannibal. They sleep together, and during the night Hannibal leaves and helps Gideon escape. Alana wakes up to find Hannibal back in bed with her. Jack tries to catch Hannibal in the act the next morning, but Alana confirms his whereabouts. Hannibal makes another dish for Gideon, and when he goes to serve Hannibal asks if he can carve. Gideon says he's already done enough of that, and the camera pans down to his amputated leg. Hannibal is serving Gideon his own leg for dinner. 

Back at the lab, the food Jack takes from the dinner party is tested and is from animals.  

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