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The season premiere opens with Jack in Hannibal's kitchen. They both fight to the death, but Jack begins to gain the upper hand by choking him with his tie. Hannibal pretends to pass out only to grab a piece of shattered glass and stab Jack in the neck. Jack runs to the wine room and locks himself in with his neck still bleeding profusely. The episode then flashes back to twelve weeks prior. 

Hannibal and Jack enjoy a nice Japanese style meal he's prepared. They talk about Will's death, and his insistence that the deaths they investigated all lead back to Hannibal. Will is shown locked up and dreaming about fishing. The stag makes another appearance. He asks his doctor about talking to Dr. Lecter. 

Jack and Alana talk to a federal investigator who tells them they want this to go away quickly and quietly, so they ask Alana to recant her statement. She refuses to recant her statement; she believes that Will's situation needs to be public record. Meanwhile, two men find multiple bodies in a river. 

Lecter talks to Maurier. They discuss Hannibal's visit with Will. Wondering if she should or should not go. Maurier tells Hannibal he is obsessed with him. Ultimately, Hannibal goes to visit Will. Will tells Hannibal that the voices in his head sound like Hannibal, and he can't get him out of his head. Will tells Hannibal that he will remember what he did to him, and there will be reckoning. 

Jack brings Hannibal to the crime scene, and they hope he will bring a psychological profile to it. In other words, he is the new Will. Maurier wonders how long Hannibal's flirtation with the FBI will continue. Will hopes Alana will help him regain memories; Will hears Hannibal in the well of his mind saying things he doesn't remember saying. 

Beverly visits Will and talks to him about the current case. Later, Will has visions of Hannibal putting a tube down his throat and shoving Abigail's ear down the tube.

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Hannibal Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Hannibal: Lost in thought?
Will: Not lost, not anymore.

What can't you repress Hannibal?