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Hannibal invites Jack to dinner, and during their therapy sessions, Will and Hannibal talk about their destinies. Jack is ready by placing snipers at every window and being armed. Will tells Jack that Hannibal will try to kill him in the kitchen for the tartar.  Will and Hannibal burn the books in his office, and talk about the next chapter in their lives. Hannibal says if he is ever captured, he can live in his memory palace and be happy there. Hannibal closes his eyes and has a vision of Freddie Lounds.  

Alana talks about her attempts to sleep, and the darkness that creeps over her. She talks to Will and says he saw what no one else could. Alana says Will's trying to set a trap for Hannibal and coaxing him into it, but how is he sure that Hannibal is not doing the same? Hannibal and Will share another meal together, and they talk about their concepts of each other. They talk about ideals, or their lack of ones because of curiosity, and Hannibal asks if it is ideal that Jack dies. Will says it's necessary, preordained even. 

Purnell comes and forces Jack's hand by putting him on forced compassionate leave. As she looks through the files, she believes that both Will and Jack have misused their government status and she's bringing them both up on charges. Alana warns her that they won't stop until they catch Hannibal. Alana calls Will and warns him about what is happening, and Will hurries to maintain his cover with Hannibal by warning him that they know. 

Jack comes to Hannibal's home, and they fight to the death. Meanwhile, Alana is at Hannibal's home and calls 911 reporting gunshots. Jack begins getting the upper hand and Hannibal stabs him in the neck with a shard of glass. He escapes into the pantry. Alana comes into the room with her gun drawn, but she cannot shoot him. She wonders how she could be so blind, and Hannibal says he worked very hard to keep her blinded. Hannibal tells Alana that she can stay blind in all of this by walking away, but if she stays he will kill her. He says she should be blind not brave. Alana pulls the trigger of her gun but it only clicks; Hannibal tells her he took her bullets. She runs and Hannibal gives chase. 

Alana locks herself in a room and finds more bullets to shoot through the door with. She turns around to find Abigail Hobbs, who pushes her through a window. Will finds her alive but in bad shape. He heads inside as Jack is in the pantry bleeding out. Will finds Abigail and Hannibal. Will says we were supposed to leave, and Hannibal says they couldn't without him. Hannibal then stabs Will in the stomach. Later, Hannibal slices Abigail's throat. He leaves all of them bleeding out in his home and steps over Abigail on the way out. After the credits roll, Maurier and Hannibal are on a plane.

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Hannibal Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Hannibal thinks you're his man, and I think you're mine.


I'm dismantling who I was and moving it brick by brick.