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Will dreams of being in the river again, this time with Abigail Hobbs, and she wonders if he can catch the person he's looking for. Will continues to ask Beverly to think about Hannibal as a suspect. Will urges Frederick to delve into his mind, and be the only person who will ever get the chance to do so.  

Jack's wife Bella talks to Hannibal about her illness and how she is doing. Hannibal asks if she's considering ending her life, and how that makes her feel. She tells him it makes her feel alive. Hannibal tells her that he sees death as a freeing process, and finds the idea of death comforting. Since his death could come at any moment. 

The FBI investigates a body being purposely used as a beehive. Beverly asks Hannibal to come down to the office so he can discuss with her about the eye mural's creator. She says that his killer came from a place of deeply understanding him, and Hannibal mentions that ever she says sounds like it would come out of Will's mouth. Beverly tells him that Will's agreed to help on cases if she continues to help him on the murder's he's accused of. 

Frederick gives Will a truth cocktail of drugs for assurance. Will asks Frederick what he would use to induce memory loss and if Hannibal would have these kinds of tools at his disposal. Frederick merely says that Hannibal believes in the unorthodox when treating his patients. As the serum enters Will's body, he has visions of Lecter using strobe lights and drugs when he asks Will to draw a clock for him. Frederick tells Will that that would suggest a radical form of unorthodox treatment. 

Frederick meets with Hannibal and tells him that he thinks Hannibal intentionally did these things to Will. A man goes in to see a acupuncturist and hollows out his eyes. The victim is brought in by the FBI and this gives Beverly an idea. She goes to the corpse and finds a kidney missing from the body.  

Will continues to remember, flashing back to his seizure at Hannibal's home and sees Hannibal confessing to being the real Chesapeake Killer. Beverly visits Will, and apprises him of the situation. Will tells Beverly to stay away, and she wonders what Hannibal is doing with his trophies if he's the ripper. Will says he's eating them. 

Bella visits Hannibal once more. Hannibal asks her what she's taken, and she tells him all of her morphine. She falls asleep in his chair. Hannibal flips a coin, goes to his bag, and injects Bella with a serum waking her up. 

Beverly breaks into Hannibal's house and finds evidence of what Will is talking about. She's about to leave when she knocks of something and hears an echoing sound beneath her. She gos to investigate and finds something, but turns around to find Hannibal. Hannibal runs towards her and a shot is fired. The camera pans up to Hannibal's dining table as more shots ring out. The episode ends. 

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