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Will goes to Hannibal with Dolarhyde's case in order to find out his next move from Hannibal's perspective, but Hannibal is eager to get back into Will's mind, but he pushes him away. 

Will speaks with Dr. Bloom who informs him that she holds all the keys to keep Hannibal locked up and she will take action if he steps out of line. She tells Will he should have listened to her back in the beginning when she told him to steer clear of Hannibal. 

Dolarhyde finds a woman who he can't seem to stay away from and asks for her help in making a movie. He picks her up at a bus stop and offers to drive her home, but he relishes the fact that she invited him in and she gives him cherry pie and water. They both have an awkward conversation and he ultimately leaves, leaving her unharmed. 

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