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On Hannibal Season 3 Episode 1, Hannibal Lecter is first seen riding a motorcycle through Paris, and stops in at a black-tie dinner. Hannibal is riding a motorcycle in Paris. Hannibal is watching a professor, Dr Roman Fell, and is befriended by Anthony Dimmond, a former teaching assistant of Dr Fell. Hannibal later kills Dr Fell.

He returns to Italy and assumes Fell's identity and his job as translator and curator at the Caponi library, to the chagrin of one Professor Soglioto, who sees Hannibal as being inauthentic. Soglioto challenges him to give a lecture at the library, to which Hannibal agrees.

His companion in Italy is Dr Bedelia du Maurier, his former psychiatrist, who is begrudgingly posing as his wife. Through flashbacks, we see how Bedelia has come to be entangled with Dr Lecter, from the death of their mutual patient while under Bedelia's care, to Hannibal's veiled threats to her life if she was non-compliant with his wishes.

Anthony Dimmond runs into Hannibal in Paris. Hannibal, knowing that Dimmond could jeopardize his cover, invites him over for dinner, but decides not to kill him at that moment. Bedelia attempts to flee during Hannibal's lecture. However, Dimmond attends the lecture and keeps Hannibal's secret, offering to help him be himself.

Under the guile of friendship, Hannibal invites Dimmond over as Bedelia is preparing to leave. He kills Dimmond and insinuates that Bedelia is just as responsible for this outcome, since she knew it would happen and did nothing to prevent it.




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Hannibal Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

You really are the devil. You certainly seem to enjoy it. You have a click in your hoof.

Abel Gideon

One can appreciate another's words without dissecting them. Though on occasion, dissecting them is the only thing that will do.