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On Hannibal Season 3 Episode 5, Will and Chiyo are on their way to Florence, Italy, in order to find Hannibal.  Hannibal, meanwhile, is in Italy with Bedelia, knowing that Will is likely on his way.

Jack, having met Bella in Italy, takes the opportunity to scatter Bella's ashes and his wedding ring into a river there. He has dinner with Pazzi, who wants to regain his reputation by finding Hannibal Lecter. Jack cautions him about playing outside the rules to catch Hannibal, noting that he lost that game.

Alana continues to help Mason Verger find Hannibal. Her awareness of Hannibal's tastes allowed her to track Bedelia's weekly wine and truffle purchase

Will and Chiyo discuss who Will is becoming, and Will admits that he is afraid that he might become Hannibal if he doesn't kill him. Chiyo suggests that there are other ways to deal with Hannibal. However, when Will asks her why she's trying to find him, she says she knows where he is, and pushes Will off the train.

Pazzi goes to the library to question "Dr Fell" about his missing colleages. He recognizes Hannibal, but instead of calling the police, he calls Mason Verger and Alana. They tell Pazzi that the bounty is $3 million for Hannibal Lecter alive, with an advance to be paid for his fingerprint verification. Pazzi goes back to the library to try to obtain the fingerprint, but is surprised and overpowered by Hannibal.

Hannibal first questions Pazzi before gutting him and throwing him off a balcony. However, Jack arrives as that happens, and overpowers Hannibal. They fight and Jack defeats him, throwing over the same balcony. Hannibal is able to break his fall by sliding down Pazzi's body, and escapes.


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Hannibal Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Does he know what you are?


Chiyo: If you don't kill him, you're afraid you're going to become him.
Will: Yes