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On Hannibal Season 3 Episode 6, Hannibal is left beaten and hurt after his confrontation with Jack, but is patched up by Bedelia. Knowing that Hannibal must run, Bedelia packs his bag, but decides to part ways, knowing that Hannibal was not yet ready to kill and consume her.

Will Graham meets Jack at the scene of Pazzi's murder. Jack admits that he might have left Hannibal alive so that Will can kill him.  Will admits that part of him will always want to run off with Hannibal, but Jack tells him that he needs to cut that part out.

Mason Verger fantasizes about eating Hannibal, but his reveries are stopped short by the news of Pazzi's death. Alana suggests that he pays off the entire Florentian police squad to get Hannibal.  Alana and Margot later spend the night together.

Bedelia is visited by Chiyo looking for Hannibal, and promptly dismisses her. Bedelia then injects herself with a drug and gets high, but is interrupted in her drug-addled state by Will and Jack at the door. Jack and Will question Bedelia, who pretends to have forgotten who she is and assumes the name of Mrs Fell. Later, when questioned by a policeman on Verger's payroll.

Will finds Hannibal at the museum. They appear to reconcile and leave together. However, when Will pulls out a knife to kill Hannibal, he is shot by Chiyo with a sniper rifle.

Hannibal takes Will to the late Professor Sogliato's house, drugs him and straps him to a chair at the dinner table. He then lies in wait for Jack Crawford, who has figured out where he is. Hannibal captures Jack and paralyzes him, forcing him to watch as he cuts Will's skull open. However, Will and Hannibal are next seen hanging Mason Verger's farm.

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Hannibal Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Hannibal: It would be a shame not to savour you.
Bedelia: I haven't marinated enough for your tastes.

You may make a meal of me yet, Hannibal. But not today.