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Tommy Jefferson deals with a mortuary who mixed his mortuary interests with his side job selling organic vegetables fertilized by the remains from the mortuary. After a few twists and turns the case is dismissed.

Oliver and Cassie took on a case about a college student who killed his peers which proved difficult for Cassie, who was the victim of a school shooting twelve years ago. They put on their best defense, but the jury still finds him guilty.

At the office, Chunhua asks Adam to help her and her father navigate and eminent domain case. They decide to settle, but when Chunhua needs a new job, Adam offers her one working at the shoe store.


Harry's Law
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Harry's Law Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

You can't un-sleep with somebody, trust me, I've tried.


This job really, really sucks, and I wish I had never left the prosecutor's office.