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The episode opened where we left off with Harriet being arrested for Jury tampering. She quickly had the charges thrown out; Harry and Roseanna quickly show their spite for each other.

Harry has all hands on deck having everyone focusing on Eric Snyder’s case until it is over. The entire office gets cracking on the case, even Tommy starts helping out by reassuring Harry. 

Roseanna pressures the police to find the murder weapon, as they go back over Eric’s house a cop found a crowbar in a crawlspace. While it had no fingerprints on it, Roseanna still entered in as evidence. 

Cassie interviews the former maid Xenia Torres and learns that she had put a dead rat in the victim’s bed to get fired. While most of the team wanted to paint her as the real murder, Harry said it wouldn’t work. 

Harry found out that the Eric’s wife had torn up her will right before she was murdered. Also, Eric admitted he had taken a sleeping pill the night of the murder and he was known to sleep walk so he was not 100% sure that he hadn’t done the murder.

Ollie ended up followed up on a lead that Vinnie tracked down where delivery driver over heard the victim talking about breaking up with a lover. 

Adam convinced Harry to bring Tommy into the loop and let him handle the press. Tommy had the press eating out of his hand as they got ready to start the trial.

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Harry's Law Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Tommy: A law professor once told me, sounds crazy, but I believe it with all my tiny heart. Lawyers in murder trials are dead if they don't dance. It helps refill the humanity tank; you should do it once in a while I'm telling you.
Harry: You're a very strange dude.
Tommy: I really am.

You had her arrested because she mocked your ass in court.