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George reacts VERY well to his split on this episode of Hart of Dixie, telling Zoe he's going to seize the day and finally do everything he wants to do. This entails going to New Orleans and singing karaoke - and also inviting Zoe to meet him there.

She does so. They kiss. And she calls to get them a hotel room... before George breaks down because he and Lemon's wedding song is sang at the bar. At this, Zoe takes him home and he goes over to Lemon's a crying, angry mess.

Zoe, though, is encouraged by their night out and clearly smitten.

Elsewhere, inspired by a speech from Tom, Wade calls his ex-wife - who told him earlier that she is getting her life back on track - and makes it clear, to the viewer at least, that he might wanna give it another try with her.

Hart of Dixie
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