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Zoe set out to win glory in Bluebell by conquering the gumbo cookout. But there were two problems: the gumbo sent my her mom's client, Emeril, got eaten by Burt Reynolds; and Brick always wins this competition.

In the end, Wade secretly cooked the dish for Zoe and won her second place (behind Brick), but something major went down before the contest:

Brick and Zoe teamed up just outside town to perform surgery on a man crushed by farm equipment. Brick actually performed the surgery, but Zoe talked him through it because she only had the use of one good hand after a snake bite. Word then got out that Brick did it all and he didn't exactly deny that. Zoe confronted him, and Brick admitted to bring prideful, but also told her she had the same problem because she couldn't admit that Brick did play a vital role.

But Zoe did give Brick props in front of everyone at the Rammer Jammer, his respect for her grew. The episode ended with Brick giving Zoe a patient.


- Lavon fell for Didi, Brick and Zoe's new secretary. But Lemon heard this and found Didi a new job out of town... only for Lavon to respond by getting her another job IN town, as the assistant for George.

- Lemon also insisted that George not speak to Zoe, but he later objected and she said she trusted him after all.

Hart of Dixie
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