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We flashed back to when Lemon and Lavon first got together this week, and it had to do with him being there for her when she learned that her mother - who left to pursue an acting career - was back in Alabama, yet had not made contact. George was in New York during this time and, ever since, Lemon has trusted Lavon over him when it came to issues with her mom.

And another creeped in here, as Lemon actually went to pay her mother a visit... only to be shocked to learn that she had started a new family. Ouch. But Lavon turned Lemon away when she went to him again because, let's face it, she's engaged to someone else.

Meanwhile, both George and Zoe came to the realization that their flirting wasn't healthy for either of them. The episode ended with Zoe seeming to consider Wade as a potential dating partner.

Hart of Dixie
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