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Zoe Hart made it her mission to look into her roots this week, discovering an aunt living nearby and this crazy fact: she's actually a member of the Bluebell Belles!

This led to some funny moments of initiation, as well as Zoe learning that Lemon made other Belles sign a non-pregnancy pact that said none of them would get knocked up until they ALL did. Zoe eventually talked some sense into her frenemy and Lemon even opened up about her mother. The ice is thawing between these two.

In the end, Zoe chose not to officially become a Belle, while Lemon lifted the pact.


- Wade's father owns the only house that could Large Mart could buy up in order to build a road in to Bluebell, which George is intent on stopping. He made it his goal to convince Earl Kinsella NOT to sell the property, but it took a gesture of love from his son for the old man to agree.

- Lavon convinced Didi he did not want to marry her and they agreed to date again.

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