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A big storm hits Bluebell as George is trying to prepare for the wedding. He’s forced to move everything inside the firehouse, but more and more problems crop up. George finally realizes something happened in New York and tells Lemon the wedding is off because he can’t honestly marry her with the doubts he’s having.

Meanwhile, Zoe and Wade get stuck in a barn outside of Bluebell during the storm. They begin to grow closer after they save a baby goat, but are interrupted by Addie’s husband, who gives them a ride home.

Zoe purposely shorts the fuse box when they get home. She and Wade consummate their growing feelings for each other. Afterwards, there’s a knock on Zoe’s door, it’s George and he tells Zoe the wedding is off. George professes his love for her and he kisses her and leaves. Zoe reenters the bedroom and Wade says hey.

Hart of Dixie
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