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Zoe tried to go on a date this week. She really wanted to find a man, only for one to fall into her lap when a vet from Mobile named Judson asked her out. Unfortunately, Zoe was too nervous and called to cancel at the last second.

She then bonded with George after the two of them accidentally met up at a Woody Allen movie outside of town. They shared a great night together, which clearly had both pondering romantic thoughts. But they can't act on them now, of course. The episode ended with George cuddling up to Lemon and Zoe getting the courage up to try another date with Judson.


- Wade was once married?!? Yes, the drunken ceremony took place four years ago and she left after four months. But they never signed the divorce paper. We met his wife here and learned he's still protective of her, but does not love her. The pair did go through with a divorce and it was made clear Wade has feelings for Zoe.

- Lavon and Lemon had a fun time co-hosting a charity event, but the former said they couldn't actually be friends because he still loves her.

Hart of Dixie
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