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George Tucker started tonight's episode by being named Bluebell's Man of the Year, but he ended it in sorrow after his dad had a heart attack.

In between, Zoe took over for a tongue-tied Lavon to give a speech in George's honor, going too far and making it clear she has feeling for George. The whole town is now aware of them. Lavon, as a result, then tells Lemon that Zoe knows about their past.

She considers passing this intel on to her fiance, but then the heart attack goes down. Zoe - who is thinking of changing her name to Zoe Wilkes because her dad is now ignoring her - goes ahead and calls her father to come down and operate because he's the best darned surgeon in all the land.

The episode ends with Zoe telling George her dad is on the way and with these two holdings hands in the hospital as others look on.

Hart of Dixie
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