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Joel tries to throw Zoe a birthday party until her mother shows up. Zoe, keen on keeping her mother from meeting the Wilkes family, convinces Joel to distract her while she goes to her party. Eventually, the secret gets out and her mother meets the Wilkes. Zoe believes her mother may not have an ulterior motive until she reveals she wants to move to Bluebell to win her over.

Annabeth copes with her breakup with Lavon by getting back in with the Belles and eventually being voted their new leader when they kicked out Cricket. Lavon copes by cooking and going to Zoe's birthday party. Eventually, Annabeth gave Lavon a piece of her mind about their breakup.

George tries to win back Tansy when Scooter comes back into the picture. George tries to convince Tansy he is lying but instead he is proven to be the jerk. Tansy then chooses to be with Scooter and is moving up to Mobile with him.

Hart of Dixie
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