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Lavon tries to get Bluebell to host the state fair but it all falls apart when he sees Annabeth with another man and gets drunk. He evenutally shows up at her doorstep to convince her it's a ploy to get at him, AB slams the door in his face.

Wade tries to keep Vivian when Charles comes into the picture, ruining their date night. Eventually, Wade shuts down an offer to sleep with another woman and goes to see Vivian only to find Charles leaving her home.

Zoe and Lemon get asked out by different men but have no one to turn to for advise because AB is too occupied with her new man. Eventually, Zoe and Lemon put aside their differences and become friends.

Hart of Dixie
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Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Dating a Gainey in Bluebell is almost as bad as dating a Florida State fan


(to Zoe) every conversation we've had about boys always ends up me telling you one thing and you doing another