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Lavon makes one final push to save Bluebell from the merger. When the Lt. Governor shows up to Bluebell, Lavon tries to get Bluebell marked as a historical landmark. Shelby reveals to Annabeth that the Lt. Governor is actually the father of her child and she wasn't artificially inseminated. The Lt. Governor tells Shelby to move back with him and they will raise her baby together. Breaking Brick's heart, Shelby leaves him again.

Just as Lavon is about to announce Bluebell lost the merger, the Lt. Governor shows up and marks Bluebell as a historical landmark preventing the merger from happening.

Wade and Zoe work together to win over the Wilkes family. When Wade's loses Harley's lizard, Zoe takes the blame. Eventually, Wade convinces Harley to ease up on Zoe, and she finally wins over her family. While Wade and Vivian grow stronger as a couple, Joel confesses he is ready to buy a house with Zoe.

Hart of Dixie
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Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

[To Harley Jr.] Zoe Hart will win you over.


[To Wade] He says he's going to kill oyu in your sleep unless you break up with my mom.

Harley Jr