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When Zoe, Lemon, Annabeth, and Cricket all get a bad case of the hiccups they must all face the secrets they've been keeping in. 

Zoe confesses to Wade that she loves him but instead he says they won't work because they've already tried once. Joel comes back into town to help convince Wade that he belong in Bluebell and with Zoe. In the end, Wade stays and Zoe tells him she will wait for him to realize they belong together. 

George and Lavon take a trip to find their idle Don Todd and eventually help him try to get his ex-wife back. When Lavon and George realize they have a woman they let go and shouldn't have they both rush to her. Only to find they both want Lemon back.

Annabeth struggles with her feelings for Davis and eventually declines his proposal. Cricket reveals that she is gay. 


Hart of Dixie
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