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In order to get back into Lemon's good graces, George goes on a hunt to find a respected food critic so he can convince him to eat at Fancies. When Zoe crashes his plans, she decides to use the critic to win Wade back over. Lemon and Wade find the real critic while George and Zoe get played by an imposter.

After George's truck gets stolen, Zoe and George get taken by the Truitt brothers. In an attempt to get out of their house, they kiss and pretend to be in love. However, eventually decide that they will always be good friends.

Annabeth's parents come in town but instead of meeting her new boyfriend they hide over at Lavon's house. When Lavon finally admits to them it's time to move on, they start to like Davis.

Shelby briefly returns and tries to win back Brick but is unsuccessful and they decide they will remains friends too.

Hart of Dixie
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Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

My parents checked out after seeing Top Gun, they figured they'd never see anything better


[to Wade] You have heartbreak and I have hostility. Let's take the day off and play hooky