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Zoe and Wade learn during a sonogram that they are having a boy. Zoe begins to worry about raising an "Alabama boy" for a son. She turns to others to try to get herself ready. Wade is ecstatic about having a boy until he meets Magnolia's new man who's just like he was at that age. This scares Wade about having a boy. He doesn't want his son to be like he was. Zoe and Wade realize that either gender will be hard to raise, but they can do it if they work together.

Brick gets a shock when his ex-wife, Alice, shows up at the office with her young daughter who has an injury Zoe was treating. She leaves before Brick can say anything. He tells Zoe who the woman was. Later, Alice comes back and tells Zoe she wants to speak with Brick. Brick has dinner with Lemon and Magnolia, but doesn't tell them about their mother being in town. Zoe comes by to tell him his ex wife wants to see him. He meets her at the office to talk. 

Lemon is preoccupied trying to keep Magnolia away from her new boyfriend, Chet. She asks Wade to intimidate Chet. Later, Annabeth tells Lemon to go after Lavon. On her way to profess her love, she sees Brick with her estranged mother.

George asks Annabeth out but she says no. They argue when she turns him down. Annabeth teams up with Lavon to convince the Mayor of Fillmore to co-host the State Champion Game with BlueBell. George and Tansy sneak into the party to get back at her boyfriend, who's just broken up with her. George and Annabeth get jealous of each other and argue. Annabeth realizes she is officially over Lavon and accepts a date with George. 


Hart of Dixie
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Hart of Dixie Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Lavon: That's it? You're just gonna walk away and not say anything else?
Lemon: What else is there to say?
Lavon: I can't wait around forever, Lemon. If you won't have me then I will find someone else who will.
Lemon: Good. Good for you. Goodbye Lavon.

Zoe: We were just positive that we were having a girl on account of me being a girl, which I can now see wasn't a totally logical assumption.
OBGYN: Especially for a doctor.