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Zoe and Wade panic when business at the Rammer Jammer slows. They worry about all the changes and financial burdens that come with a baby. They eventually get Meatball's cousin, who's a popular singer, to come play at the Rammer Jammer. When the bed and breakfast becomes bed bug infested, they pretend that Lavon's house is a bed and breakfast. Zoe breaks the news to Lavon that she and Wade will move out when the baby comes. He's crushed by the news. Later at the Rammer Jammer, Zoe and Wade decide to stay at Lavon's house.

Lemon runs into Lavon at a singles hoedown. Later, Lemon sees Annabeth and George laughing/fighting over the houseboat because she wants to sell it for nursing school and he wants to keep living there. She organizes a dinner at Fancies for them as a scheme to get them together. They quickly catch on, and Annabeth realizes Lemon still has feelings for Lavon. She calls Lemon selfish and leaves. Later at the Rammer Jammer, Annabeth and George dance and realize they may actually be friends. Lemon tells Lavon she can't be selfish with him over Annabeth's feelings.


Hart of Dixie
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Hart of Dixie Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Zoe: Is it too much to ask for just one medical emergency? You know a rare illness, a blunt force trauma, an outbreak.
Patient: Doctor Hart, are you crying?
Zoey: [crying] I don't even know anymore.

Lavon: Uh, what's happening right now?
Zoe: It's hormones. So many hormones. Lavon, you're the best. You're a catch. You're never going to get over Lemon unless you try. You got to just get back out there. [sobbing] I need you to be happy Lavon.