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Annabeth had a dream where the founder of Bluebell came to her and told her that Bluebell would see the end of days the following night. Annabeth shares her strange dream with Crickett, who proceeds to spread the dream throughout the town causing everyone to panic. The town goes crazy, but the following night the world does not come to an end.

Wade gets mad when he realizes Zoe never plans on marrying him. After spending the day with George in New Orleans, Zoe realizes that she wants to marry Wade. George helps her set up a proposal, but Lavon and Lemon come upon it before Zoe can get Wade there. Lemon mistakes the romantic scene for Lavon proposing to her. She says yes, and Lavon goes along with it instead of telling Lemon he wasn't proposing. 

While in New Orleans, George comes across Meatball's famous singer cousin, Pamela. After seeing George's music management passion, she offer him the opportunity to move to Nashville and be her manager. George turns her down. However, back in Bluebell, Annabeth tells him to go and pursue his dream. She's confident they can make their relationship work. George announces to the town that he's leaving the following morning. The next day, everyone gathers to send him off. 

Hart of Dixie
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Hart of Dixie Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Zoe: Since when do you even care about this stuff?
Wade: Since I met you.
Lemon: Zoe, you have to admit that was pretty sweet.
Lavon: If you don't marry him, I will.

Somehow in four years of knowing this woman, this particular quirk has never been covered. What else are you [Zoe] hiding from me? Are you even a doctor?