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Zoe cooks breakfast for Wade. She invites him to the movies, but Wade turns her down. Crickett is sleeping on Annabeth's couch. They talk about her "coming out". George and Lavon tell Wade their feelings about one another going after Lemon. Zoe is told she needs to make a grand gesture for Wade. Tom forms a volunteer fire department. Zoe and the girls sing outside of Wade's house. Instead of Wade, Meatball comes out. Wade was letting him crash over. Wade makes fun of Zoe for her gesture.

Brick tries to hide from his mother. She wants to focus on his love life. She's setting him up on a date. George and Lavon tell Zoe the way to Wade's heart isn't through romance, it's through sex. Earl comes by to talk to Wade. He's 5 weeks sober and going on a date. Zoe tries to act sexy in front of Wade. Brick's date did not go well. Shelby shows up at Brick's house and says she wants him back. Zoe seduces Wade, and they hook up. 

Wade tells her the next morning that it was just sex. She's still not giving up. The fire department challenge is still not going well. Zoe tells Brick she slept with Wade. She thinks sex can lead to love. The Belles bombard Crickett with a bunch of questions about being gay. They are still supportive of her. Lavon and George try to settle their difference, but Lemon comes home with a new boyfriend. Zoe wants Wade to admit he loves her. He says he does, but he says he can't because of their history, and he can't get over how she hurt him. 

Eight weeks later...

The volunteer fire department is doing much better. Things are still tense between Zoe and Wade. Lavon and George are jealous of Lemon's new man, Henry. Lemon isn't feeling well so she needs to get a physical. Brick is sneaking around with Shelby, and Wade tells Lavon and George to let Lemon go and keep their friendship. Zoe performs Lemon's physical, and they talk about Wade. Earl tricks Wade and Zoe into coming to dinner. Zoe wants Wade to "want" to work things out. He doesn't know what to say and she leaves.

George and Lavon can't find anything wrong with Henry. Brick agress to tell his daughters about Shelby. Earl gives Wade advice about Zoe. Annabeth reads Lemon's test results. The fire inspector comes at the worst time when the whole things has fallen apart. The fire instructor, Jaysene, asks Crickett out. Wade asks Zoe on a date, but she says no. Annabeth brings Lemon a care package thinking she's pregnant. She can't be because she hasn't slept with Henry. Their relationship is for show. Turns out the test results belong to Zoe, who is pregnant with Wade's baby.

Hart of Dixie
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