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On Hart of Dixie Season 4 Episode 3, Zoe finally agrees to talk to Wade. They decide to meet at the Rammer Jammer, until Elodie leaks that she saw a ring box in Wade's pocket.

Zoe freaks out and decides she needs some major space. She heads to New York. Unsurprisingly, her mom has alternative plans to convince her to move back to New York. Wade is so sure of what he wants that he surprises her. Before he talks to Zoe, he talks to her mother about his intentions.

When Zoe and Wade are finally honest with each other, they decide to give their relationship another try! However, just in a relationship, not an engagement.

Meanwhile back in Bluebell Lemon, Annabeth, and Cricket lament about how life is not what they thought it would be by this age. They get nostalgic and remember a time when things felt exciting and happy. They had broken in George's lakehouse after cheerleading finals, gotten drunk, wrote down their wishes, and buried them.

The girls decide to head up and relive the experience. When they get locked out they have to call George, who heads up with there with Lavon in tow. Annabeth and Cricket need to go back to Bluebell and a drunken Annabeth reveals she still loves Lavon.

George realizes that he doesn't have feelings for Lemon after all and tells her that Lavon still loves her.

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Hart of Dixie Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

You are not a journalist. You write a blog about a town roughly the size of Sesame Street.

Lemon [to Dash]

Zoe: I am a capable person. I can handle this, just like I handled childhood, college, medical school.
George: Exactly.
Zoe: On my own.