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Audrey comes face to face with the Bolt Gun Killer.

Audrey receives confirmation that Tommy wasn't Tommy when he was working with the Haven PD. He was already dead.

A little girl named Ginger is wreaking havoc for Haven with her Trouble.

Jordan tells Nathan why The Guard wanted him. To control Audrey, so she would go into the barn and end The Troubles.

Nathan makes a deal with The Guard to keep Jordan free.

Audrey and Nathan find The Bolt Gun Killer's lair - he's a skin walker.


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Haven Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Claire: Tommy was here a week ago. That's impossible.
Medical Examiner: Are you FROM Haven?

Ginger: Audrey said that she would take met to my dad.
Jordan: She's lying. She knows what you can do and she wants to put you away somewhere, all alone.