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Audrey and the gang face problems with the Darkside Seekers come to town. 

Dwight tries to stop the Darkside Seekers from exposing the Troubles to the world.

Duke and Jennifer decide to do what they can to help Nathan and Audrey.

Audrey awake and being prepped for the ER.

Audrey wants Nathan to go chase away the conspiracy hunters instead of worrying about her.

Audrey asks Vince what he knows about William, and he knows nothing, but he also doesn't believe Audrey could have been responsible for the Troubles. She admits she hasn't told Nathan anything..

Nathan and Dwight entangle with the Darkside Seekers and they don't play very well with others. They discover they are uploading their footage onto the cloud.

Nathan worries that he cannot compete with William.

The Trouble is connected to June 12, 1981, which just so happens to be the day Jennifer was born.

The Seekers said the footage they have seems corrupted.

Audrey is healed and William is missing.

Everyone looks for Jennifer and when they find her she has Unstake My Heart, and that's making the paranormal equipment go haywire. When Audrey takes it, the equipment stops. 

Audrey realizes Agent Howard is linked to the Bar(n), the book and Jennifer in ways they don't know.

When the monster tries to kill Jennifer while she is holding the book, is vanquishes and the moon on the front of the book starts to glow with the Guard symbol. Nobody can see it but Jennifer

Jennifer is child of ruin who can open the door and send evil through it.

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Haven Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Nathan: Jennifer can do that?
Dwight: As far as I can tell, everyone younger than me can do that.

OK - We've all seen Real Bigfoot Housewives. Nobody takes these conspiracy guys seriously.