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A troubled person wanders Haven petrifying people. 

Duke asks Audrey how she can "be" Lexie and she tells him it's because she remembers being Lexie, so she can turn it on.

Jordan tells Wade about his family Trouble.

Jordan uses her Trouble on Vince.

Nathan reminds Duke that he said he loved Audrey outside the Barn.

Wade plants video pens at the police station for Jordan.

Wade touches Jordan, with gloves.

Audrey slips up and Nathan recognizes her.

Jordan hears Nathan and Audrey reunite, and goes to end the Troubles.

Audrey stops The Trouble.

Wade kills the Troubled and absorbs his blood to gain power.

Jordan decides to leave Haven.

Audrey asks Nathan why he's happy she's back and he can't answer. She tells him she loves him.

Wade's taste for blood overtakes him and he kills Jordan.

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Haven Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Look at this place! Duke can decorate? Who knew?


Duke: You land in that field, you realize that if anyone figures out that you're Audrey that they'll kill Nathan, so you pretend to be the person you were in the Barn - Lexie.
Audrey: I like it. It rhymes with sexy.