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The fate of the town lies in Audrey's ability to figure out whey the thugs from the barn are still in town.

Audrey didn't shoot Nathan, but shot at one of the Bar(n) thugs.
Vince tells Nathan that Audrey will NOT kill him.
The thugs have captured Dwight.
Audrey finds William tied up with the thugs where Dwight is being held.
William doesn't remember anything.
Audrey explains to William that he was supposed to replace her handler, but the Barn wiped his memories when it disappeared.
The big thug seems to have the ability to alter Jennifer's mind.
The thugs seem to be able to alter all Troubled people's minds.
Jennifer freaks on Duke and Nathan freaks on William when their minds show them things outside the realm of reality.
Duke shows Dwight Wade's grave.
Audrey and William touch and create an electric current, which sparks a memory in William.
They remember a box and when William talks about it, the big thug disappears from his cell.
When William finds the box, Audrey thinks he has been affected, as well.
William admits to Audrey that the entire day was generated by him to get Audrey to the box. It's a gift to her.
William tells Audrey that they have a long history that she doesn't remember, but their spark gave him hope. 
Dwight tells Duke that the Crocker Curse was needed to keep the Troubles in check.
William has been infecting the Haven people with the Troubles.
The real person, no the Haven Saver, belongs to William, or loves him, according to him.
William disappears and Nathan finds Audrey on the hillside, alone.


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Haven Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Let me guess - you're a Pisces.


You'd think by now we'd have learned how to save the world back at The Gull. Where there's alcohol.