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A new paranormal threat emerges just as the Mara threat if finally under control on this episode of Haven.

Audrey doesn't understand why they can't just give Mara to the Guard. She's done with Mara and wants to focus on being Audrey.

Duke tries to get Mara to tell him if she knows that they're connected. He then wants to take her toe. 

Audrey and Nathan are in bed, revisiting the relationship they barely had. She wonders if people will think she's connected to Audrey.

Nathan reveals that he can no longer feel Audrey. He didn't want to scare her, because he didn't know what it meant. 

Audrey is immediately suspected of being a bad girl. 

The Trouble they are working with is much like the one recently on Doctor Who. Someone explodes and their shadow in on the wall.

While Audrey is talking to Nathan, he is blown into the floor. Apparently, he's still there, but on a different dimension. He realizes this when he cannot grab the telephone and is standing in the middle of the desk.

Audrey tells Duke she doesn't have any of Mara's memories and isn't immune anymore.

Duke is talking to a fellow named Mitch. He wants the Guard to give Audrey a chance to prove herself. They don't seem too convinced.

Nathan bumps into someone in the street. He can feel him. The dude says they're ghosts. He says to go to the cemetery.

After conversing with the greeter of the dead, Nathan realizes if Duke has a ghost talking Trouble, he could talk with him. Instead, Nathan learns Mara can see him but she won't play ball.

Nathan is determined to solve the Trouble so he can release everyone who is stuck.

While Audrey is talking with Mitch, he incinerates. She's confused as Mara and kidnapped.

They're certain it's Mara and even address her as such. Nathan plans to use Mara to get Audrey out. It doesn't work.

Duke makes it just in time to get Audrey before the Troubled start laying hands on her. Since she's no longer immune to the Troubles, that could have been bad.

Someone is killing the ghosts. 


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Haven Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Uh oh. Case face. I miss that face.


The idea of being connected to her makes my skin crawl. I just want to be Audrey Parker. I'm done with her. For good.