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Mara is on a spree as she seeks those with troubles she can use to help her find the thinnies.

Despite Mara's desire for a "new model" of someone with Vicki's Trouble, and her need for a new version, she still doesn't kill Vicky, but rather tasers her.

Dave remembers driving through a thinnie back in the day and he is still shook up over it.

Dwight visits Mr. Barrow who was alive during the first time the sewing Trouble was around.

Dwight is the person to identify Jennifer's Body.

Nathan wants Mara to leave. She doesn't much like being called a pathetic, evil reminder of Audrey.

Dwight lets loose on Vince for not being honest with him or any of the guard.

The Barrow's trouble is triggered by denial. He likely knows Jennifer is alive and he's sewing anyone who might be able to tell him she's gone.

Nathan decides against letting Mara leave alive and chooses to take her to Dwight and the Guard instead.

Nathan breaks the news to Duke about Jennifer and stops the Burrows' trouble from continuing while Duke grieves.

Nathan captures Mara but can't stop himself from thinking about whether Audrey is still inside her.

The state wants to bury Jennifer in a potter's field. Gloria offers to Duke the opportunity to take are of her himself. He plans on taking her to the sea. 

When Nathan kisses Mara goodbye, Audrey comes through and tells him she feels as though Mara is crushing her, but she's still inside. 

Instead of waiting for Dwight and the Guard to get to his location so that they can take care of business and force Mara to stop the Troubles, Nathan decides to run off with Mara in the back of his vehicle to try to get to Audrey.

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Haven Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

When I return, you shall be spared my wrath. By Vicki!


I am going to give you one of those little black blobs. One. Use it for anything other than opening a thin spot and leaving, you will be stuck here forever. I am letting you leave alive. I'm not going to do it again.