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Duke and Dwight deal with a deadly trouble that threatens to burn Haven to the ground.

Duke has a hard time allowing Nathan to continue his search for Mara. In his pain, he cuts of fhis hair.

Someone named Jody is at the Gull. She has quite a unique trouble. Lasers fly out o fher chest and catch things on fire. All things considered they didn't do much damage.

As Nathan and Mara spar about his love for Audrey, Mara appears to have a memory of sex with Nathan. She smirks through it.

Mara tries to seduce Nathan using Audrey's memories.

She finds one of the black balls of goo and thinks about using it.

Audrey begs Nathan not to talk to Mara and just to talk to Audrey as if she's still there. It's the only way to fight Mara and the only way Audrey can stick around. He tries pancakes in the morning, and Mara thinks he's out of his mind.

The Trouble is incredibly dull.

Nathan reaches Audrey and just as she's poking out Duke arrives. He's angry, Mara's back and Duke is even sick to top it off.

Mara says Duke needs to release a trouble so he doesn't explode. She's very excited to get her hands on his grandfather's book.

Mara attempts to seduce Duke while Nathan is gone, reminding him of their kiss in Colorado. Perhaps it was because Mara was inside and she wanted to kiss Duke.

Just as Mara is about to lay hands on Duke to free a trouble, Dwight shows up.

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Haven Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

We've all lost people. I had to bury Jennifer last night. But we grieve, we don't go crazy.


Oh God. Would you evolve already? Sex is cardio.