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The episode opened with a bomb around Chin's neck, and McGarrett taking a call from the bomber. The show then flashed back twenty-four hours earlier to reveal how events had come to such a dangerous moment.

The body of a wanted arms dealer was found washed ashore. Examination of the evidence revealed that the arms dealer was last seen in the company of Victor Hesse, an Irish terrorist that McGarrett had shot and thought dead.

A sim card from the dead arms dealer's phone uncovered the name of an underground doctor. The Five-O arrived at his house and discovered the four month old remnants of bullets that had been pulled from Hesse, along with the doctor's dead body. McGarrett and Danno went to visit Sang Min in jail for information on Hesse. Sang Min agreed to help but only if he could be allowed to help set up a meeting with the man that helped Hesse stay on the island.

A brief meeting with Kishimoto, a man specializing in finding housing for criminals pointed the Five-O towards a condo and a club that Hesse liked to frequent. McGarrett and Danno left Sang Min alone and handcuffed in the car while they pursued Hesse inside the club. Sang Min escaped, and then aided in Hesse's getaway from the Five-O.

Following the tracer that was supposedly still on Sang Min's ankle Danno and McGarrett sent Chin ahead to apprehend him. Unfortunately, the tracing device had been removed, and Chin was attacked from behind. That was how he ended up with a bomb around his neck.

Hesse demanded ten million dollars and a clean getaway to deactivate the bomb. The governor told Danno that the government did not negotiate with terrorists. McGarrett decided to steal the ten million from a police locker that Chin knew about. He and Kono stole the money, and then drove out to meet Hesse.

Hesse took the money and then threw it into a fire. He told McGarrett that it was not about the money, but making McGarrett suffer. Using a sniper rifle Kono shot the remote for the bomb out of Hesse's hand. McGarrett tackled and captured Hesse, saving Chin.

In jail Hesse received a visitor that asked how close McGarret was to discovering the truth, and Hesse replied, "Too close."

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Although I do not see the fun, nor do I agree with watching my dinner brawl it out in a steel cage match, that is not what we're doing here.


Guy's a cockroach. That's what they do. They come back from the dead. Next time you step on him don't take your foot off.