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A man alone at a bar was approached by a beautiful woman who bought him a drink. The two went up to the man's hotel room, but what initially appeared to be a frantic affair turned into murder when the woman strangled the man with a well hidden garrote.

The Five-O were called in to investigate the man's murder. He was David Atwater, a diplomatic service agent, and he had information regarding an assassination plot to kill General Pak, a dignitary to the United States much hated for his crimes against his people. Danno and McGarrett were introduced to Nick Taylor in charge of the security detail for the general and an old friend of McGarrett's.

Kono assessed the room Agent Atwater was murdered in and determined that the killer was a woman. The Five-O worked together to establish where the female assassin might be hiding. A hit on the car the assassin was driving led the team to a suburban house that was empty save a room full of guns, and the house's owner murdered and shoved into a freezer. Another possible lead to the assassin and her cohorts was a man who was known to run guns and had been seen at protests against General Pak. That lead was proved false as well, but shed further light on the misdeeds of General Pak.

McGarrett, after careful thought, surmised that Agent Atwater was actually the inside man in the plot to assassinate the general, and was probably killed because he was going to reveal details about the assassination. An Interpol hit on a composite photo of the assassin revealed that she was ex-CIA and was currently acting as a free agent. The Five-O tracked her down, but in a surprise twist she was killed after being hit by a bus during a gun fight with the Five-O. The assassin's phone was taken to H.P.D. to retrieve any valuable information.

General Pak arrived with his family and McGarrett and Danno along with Nick Taylor's security team started the convoy to escort the general to safety. Kono received a call from H.P.D. and she revealed to the rest of the team that Nick Taylor was the last person the assassin spoke to. Nick Taylor was part of the plot to kill the general.

The Five-O fled after the initial attempt to kill the general was unsuccessful, and McGarrett took everyone to hide out at his father's house. Nick Taylor followed with his team. After a short fire fight, and a knife fight between McGarrett and Taylor, the assassination threat was neutralized and the general and his family were safe.

The general told McGarrett after being granted political asylum that he was going to confess to his crimes and accept whatever the court decided to save his country from continuous war.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

David Atwater: I'm meeting someone.
Erica Raines: Then I'll stay long enough to make her jealou

McGarrett: Do you realize how much of your life revolves around food?
Danno: Do you realize how much of your life revolves around armed conflict?