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An operation to capture Wo Fat at one of his safe houses did not go as planned. Instead of Wo Fat the Five-O discovered Sang Min. Sang Min escaped, but called McGarett and offered to help him find Wo Fat for a price. McGarrett refused him outright.

Durring the chase to capture San Ming Danno discovered a dead body in one of the neighboring houses. Soon after Danno was hospital bound, having been exposed to sarin. Extensive investigation brought the Five-O to Elliot Conner, a businessman who was using his brother-in-law's vacation house to have an affair.

The sarin was linked to a Russian organization who had contact with Elliot Conner's office. It was Conner's secretary who made a deal with the Russians to supply them with the containers necessary to store the sarin, so long as they helped her kill Conner's brother-in-law.

Sang Min turned himself in, and told McGarrett that he would take the maximum sentence so long as he was placed in protective custody. Wo Fat threatened to kill him, and said when he finished he would be coming after McGarrett.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 1 Episode 23 Quotes

Gracie: What's a hangover?
Danno: It's a... You'll figure it out when you're about...thirty-five?
McGarrett: Thirty-five... thirty... sixty...
Danno: Forty or so.

McGarrett: Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't there a car attached to you?
Kaye: Oh? Weird.