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Frank Bama is cooking breakfast at McGarrett's house. He walks Junior through his special waffle recipe. Quinn invites Adam to go surfing. Quinn gets a panicked call from her former stepdaughter, Olivia. Five-0 investigates the death of a murdered rancher, who appears to have been dragged behind horses. Olivia's father hasn't been home for three nights, but he didn't check in last night. Grover said the rancher was flat broke. The rancher got drunk the night before at The Cattle Prod, where Tani gets recognized by the bartender. The bartender says he was celebrating, flashing cash around. Tani won the line-dancing contest there four weeks in a row. Quinn drops off Olivia at school. The rancher had dug up two sets of human remains. Adam helps Quinn hunt for her ex-husband, Jake, who used to play at the local cardrooms. Junior locates Kip, a descendent of the dead couple. Quinn tells Adam she stayed with Jake too long because of Olivia. Kip tells Grover and Tani that the land was cursed because of a feud over missing Civil War-era gold coins. Five-0 checks out the ranch next door and Grover spots four men on horseback escaping up the mountain. Maile, the operator of a cardroom, said that Jake hit a bad streak. McGarrett and Danny pursue on horseback. They get the jump on Kaipo, a man waiting to shoot them. McGarrett and Danny then get ambushed by seven men and take shelter in a cabin. McGarrett sneaks out and captures a rifle, shooting six before battling a bruiser that Danny eventually shoots. The gold remains lost. Quinn yanks Jake out of a card game. She has him arrested on gambling charges and tells him to get help. Steve and Danny ride back, stopping to enjoy a sunset. 

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 Episode 19 Quotes

Junior: She's looking at her phone instead of where she's walking.
Tani: There's enough hazards as it is.

It sounds like you got it bad.

Frank [to Junior]