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Lorena Massey, the wife of a Thai diplomat, confesses to his murder. Noelani takes surfing lessons while Tani cheers her on. Adam apologizes to Grover for his actions while rescuing Siobhan. McGarrett has a date with Brooke on Valentine's Day. Steve and Danny interrogate Lorena. Her husband was abusive. Based on his past experience with abused women, Danny doesn't accept that she killed him. Danny tells Lorena that he thinks she's protecting someone but all the evidence points to her. Tani and Noelani stop into a convenience store and get caught in a robbery, then a hostage situation. Quinn finds messages on Lorena's phone proving she was having an affair with Dr. Paulson. Surveillance shows Paulson across the island at the time of the murder. Lorena admits she found her husband dead and that she was trying to protect Paulson. Noelani fakes an asthma attack. Tani takes out the male robber, but Noelani is overcome by the female robber. So Tani has to give back his gun. Adam wonders why Tani hasn't come in yet. A Thai government official says that Lorena has renounced her U.S. citizenship, bringing forged documents. The male robber has a seizure, so she frees Noelani to treat him. Danny smuggles Lorena out. He takes her to Kamekona's safe house. The robbery is to raise money to pay for medicine. Noelani goes out to get medical supplies. Lorena says that her husband asked to be reassigned from Mumbai. Tani suggests to the female robber that they should turn themselves in, since prisoners get free medical attention. Danny and Lorena are arrested at the safe house. The husband had killed someone while driving drunk but got off on diplomatic immunity. The victim's husband is on Hawaii. McGarrett cuts off the motorcade and blackmails the diplomat into letting Lorena go. 

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 Episode 16 Quotes

Danny: She did not kill her husband. She's a victim.
McGarrett: International incident or not, if she didn't kill her husband, we won't let her go down for it.

Adam, going on your own, you put my niece's life at risk. It's going to take me a while to get over it.

Grover [to Adam]