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A school janitor finds a body. Junior returns from his secret SEAL mission and finds Tani waiting for him. They embrace. He has her drive to a secluded spot and they make love in the car. Danny and McGarrett meet up with Harry Langford at the Oahu Literary Festival. Harry has written a best-selling novel. Grover calls Steve and tells him they have two bodies with pages pinned to them. Grover tracks the pages to a character in mysteries written by Maureen Townsend in the 1920s. HPD hasn't been able to find Endo. Steve asked Adam to search for him. The pages came from an unpublished novel. Suzanne Ridge, a Townsend expert, secured the publishing rights to that manuscript and plans to unveil it at the literary festival. According to Ridge, there should be two more murders. McGarrett finds a transmitter inside Ridge's pen. So the killer could download the manuscript. Harry's literary double, Gabe, is abducted. Colin Hanson is likely the person who gave Suzanne the pen. Kenji sent away Haru, who had warned Adam to watch out. Gabe's kidnappers want Harry's money. Noelani calls about Joel Butler, poisoned with arsenic. Ridge is the final target. Adam visits a secret camera in the forest. Harry walks in and transfers the $10 million. Suzanne is almost drowned in her bathtub. Harry had an agent intercept the ransom payment, but she steals the money instead, because he failed to call her back when they were dating. Ridge staged the whole series of murders as a publicity event, with her assistant Kevin committing the crimes. Steve offers Harry a place on the task force but he dclines. The team and Harry watch fireworks from Harry's balcony. Adam's camera caught Kenji killing Endo and Haru. Four masked men approach Adam's building.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 Episode 17 Quotes

Danny: You wrote a book in two weeks and someone gave you a million dollars.
Harry: Two million, actually.

Tani: How did it go?
Junior: It was good.