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McGarrett is haunted by the voices of his parental figures during his run. Junior has made a massive breakfast for Tani, who reacts badly. McGarrett finds Gerard Hirsch sitting on his couch with Eddie. Hirsch wants to find out where his elderly uncle got a rare antique snuff box. Steve assigns Tani to look into it. Five-0 investigates a dead tourist likely killed by a ring of carjackers. But his wife Cynthia is missing. Tani finds the snuff box was stolen in 1978 and a housekeeper was killed. His uncle Oscar was the fiance of Tabitha, the dead woman's employer. When Tani confronts Oscar, she sets off his heart monitor. Junior finds Cynthia. barely alive. Grover isn't buying Cynthia's account of the crime. Tani tells Hirsch that she and Junior had argued. Oscar's roommate at the time of the murder was Stanley, a fence. Steve and Adam bust Greg, the robbers' inside man. They find one robber shot and Cynthia's bag with a secret smuggling compartment. Cynthia left the hospital. She and her late husband regularly traveled to Antwerp, the world's diamond capitol. Stanley says Oscar killed the housekeeper. Tani thinks Stanley is the murderer. The second robber Hopkins is the diamond fence's next target. Stanley plants the gun in Oscar's boxes but Oscar catches him. Tani overhears Stanley's confession. Cynthia and her fence break up a diamond exchange, then Five-0 shows up. Cynthia has a gun on Hopkins but McGarrett talks her down. Oscar held onto the snuff box hoping he would have the courage to return it, which he does. Hirsch and Grover taste wine while Tani and Junior talk. Tani tells Junior she self-sabotages her relationships. Junior informs her that he's not going anywhere. Steve gets a call from Doris's lawyer who has a package for him. 

Hawaii Five-0
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