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Magnum and HIggins meet the team when Five-0 seeks to arrest two men at a hotel. They had been monitoring the room of Daniel Hong, their client's husband. Hong got shot dead by the other man, who escaped and was connected to Dai-Yu Mei, Wo Fat's widow. They agree to work together to catch the unknown man. Tani and Juliet interview Hong's widow Erin at the morgue. Meanwhile, Magnum breaks into Hong's house while McGarrett looks on disapprovingly. Magnum finds documents in Chinese under a mini-fridge. They're confronted by an armed man who takes the documents and shoots out Magnum's Ferrari's tires. Tani and Higgins discuss office romances. Junior finds grainy surveillance of the second man. TC and Rick have to come pick up McGarrett and Magnum. Hong was a Chinese spy. Higgins blackmails a contact to gain intel about Hong. Tani pumps Higgins about being a spy. He warns them Beijing isn't happy about Hong being taken out of play. Hong had been collecting intel about defense contractors. Grover gut shoots the bald man who stole the documents, then pumps him for info in exchange for treatment. Tani calls Adam but he remains evasive about what's happening to him. He's about to take an international flight. Hong was trying to sell an SD card listing CIA double agents to Mei through her agent Pao. The CIA stops Five-0's attempt to capture Pao. But Pao's house blows up when the CIA squad enters. The body of a prison guard was found in the house. Mei's going to try to break out Aaron Wright. Magnum identifies Pao in a guard's uniform. McGarrett kills him and Junior recovers the list. Magnum and McGarrett talk about Joe White. Juliet encourages Tani to pursue Junior. Then Junior gets abducted. 

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 Episode 12 Quotes

Magnum: She's an ex-spy.
Tani: Very cool. I like that.

Magnum: You let him get away?
McGarrett: Who are you?
Magnum: I'm the guy on the phone.