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McGarrett gets a call that shots have been fired in Adam's building. Adam took out all the intruders. He tells Grover that they need to take down Kenji and his Yakuza crew. and he has the evidence to do it. Kenji runs but Adam eventually shoots him after they fight. Kenji admits to killing Masuda. Noelani's uncle Akumu died. She notices a discoloration on his wrist. Adam details his plan to McGarrett. Steve is upset that Adam kept him in the dark. Pirates impersonating Coast Guard officers killed the captain of a cargo ship when he pulled a gun after opening the safe. Noelani calls McGarrett because she doesn't think her uncle died from a cardiac event. He sends Quinn to help her. Tani takes down a wounded pirate after a struggle. The medical examiner admits he was threatened by someone in the parking lot and he changed his report. The pirates stole something that had been smuggled on the ship. Eke Mohoe said he found Akumu trying to kill himself by carbon-monoxide poisoning. But Noelani doesn't buy it. Chief Mate Lawson went to high school with the dead pirate. Lawson is grabbed by masked men when HPD tries to bring him in. Rick introduces Tani to Oz, who "skins" boats. Oz refers her to Michael Garcia. The only prints on the hose in Akumu's garage are Eke's, who accidentally covered up a murder. Lewis, one of the kids Akumu was counseling, told him that Councilman Mikala was involved in the drug scene. Five-0 finds the pirates dead, surrounded by white powder at Garcia's house. Next they're getting fired on by the smugglers. They wipe out the six shooters. Noelani found Mikala's DNA at Akumu's house and she and Quinn arrest him. Everyone celebrates at Rick's bar.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 Episode 18 Quotes

Danny: She's loyal to me because I bought it for you.
McGarrett: She just doesn't know you that well.

I just want to iron in peace.

McGarrett [to Danny]