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McGarrett is recovering from his mother's death. An injured man awakens and takes out the crew of a medivac helicopter. Grover meets his niece Siobhan at the airport. She's there to try out for the University of Hawaii basketball team. Five-0 is called out to find the man who killed the medivac crew, and the team is surprised when Steve shows up. Grover meets up with old acquaintance Metta World Peace, who had arranged for Siobhan's tryout. Siobhan, the number-one player in the nation, got in a fight and didn't graduate, which concerns the Hawaii coach. Tani and Quinn track the killer via the burner phone he stole. They and McGarrett find a DEA agent, Richie Gormican, inside that house. He's also looking for the killer, Ben Tam. He tells them Tam left $100 million of heroin in the jungle. The house Tam went to belonged to Bishop, Wes Cullen's number-two man. Neither Quinn nor Tam trust Gormican. Grover's afraid Siobhan is a gang member. The coach said she would have to stay off-campus with the Grovers. Siobhan leaves after hearing them talking. Eddie finds the plane for Adam and Junior. Quinn warns them a crew is coming to retrieve the drugs. Adam and Junior are outnumbered, then McGarrett, Quinn, and Tani arrive. Gormican and the Marshals Service take the drugs away. The dead DEA agent flying the plane was on suspension, and his ex-partner was Gormican. Tani and Junior find two dead Marshals and the drugs are gone. Croatian buyers have landed on the island, but Five-0 interrupts the exchange. Grover pulls over Siobhan's ride-share. She got expelled for beating up a gang member to protect her friend. She tells Grover she wants to be a cop. Bishop gets killed at the hospital. 

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 Episode 8 Quotes

Whoever he is, we need to find him before he drops more bodies.


Siobhan: I've never seen the ocean before, except from a plane.
Grover: What do you think?
Siobhan: It's dope.