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The same bombmaker built the bombs that killed Cullen and that was found in McGarrett's garage. A young girl is reported kidnapped. The van used in the kidnapping is found, the three kidnappers are dead inside, and the girl is missing. Danny coaches Steve on how to use Eddie to meet girls. Another dog attacks Eddie, who ends up going to the vet. Danny tries to set up Steve with the vet, Dr. Okino. Quinn is on her first day on the job. Junior notes that a trained killer took out the kidnappers. Tani figures out the kidnapped girl attended a nearby private school. Tani and Quinn find the victim, Yumi Chun, at home and try to get her to talk about the kidnapping. Adam figures out that Yumi killed the kidnappers. She takes out Tani and Quinn and escapes.  Quinn finds a go bag in a vent in Yumi's condo. Yumi is a North Korean spy. Now Five-0 has to figure out her mission. Major General Avea, whose daughter is in school with Yumi, is the target. A camera is found on his desk lamp, so Yumi has his password and access to his files.  Grover and Adam go to recruit Aaron Wright. He wants a transfer to a minimum-security privileges. Yumi is looking for Jae-Sung, a North Korean defector living on Oahu. She takes out a CID unit and abducts him. She tells Tani that she'll releases classified information online if she doesn't get a flight back to North Korea with Jae-Sung. Aaron has to stop Yumi's time-release. Yumi and Jae-Sung used to be partners. He runs and she follows and shoots him. Tani shoots Yumi dead. Wright stops the time-release. Eddie tries to convince Steve to ask out Dr. Okino, and he ends up with a date.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 Episode 4 Quotes

Why you got all these rules when it comes to women?

Danny [to McGarrett]

I'm here with a friend and I don't like you.

McGarrett [to Danny]