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The episode opened with Lori washing her hands and asking about Steve in a hospital. Shortly afterwards Governor Denning arrived telling her that Five-O had made a mess of this case.


We then flash back to a charity event where Five-O and the Governor were attending when the hotel found a dead woman in the laundry having been put down the laundry chute. After some investigation Five-0 found that the woman (Victoria Chase) had met a man on the 12th floor and the man was a Russian diplomat now hiding in the Russian Consulate.


With some creative thinking Steve and the team got the man to leave the Russian Consulate but Chin Ho was captured in the process. Govern Denning went in to see Chin Ho and explained to the Consulate administrator that the man Five-O captured was a murderer and a rapist, as he had raped Victoria’s sister Amanda a year before and that was what Victoria was confronting him over.


The consulate released Chin Ho, but Denning said they were not getting off that easy and came down to Lori resigning as she was clearly not Denning’s eyes and ears anymore. She said a tearful goodbye to Steve. 

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

When this is all over Weston, you're going to have to make a choice; the state of Hawaii or Five-0.


Chin Ho: For the record, Melia likes flowers and chocolates.
Kono: Doesn't hurt to make an effort and get a girl something nice.
Chin Ho: I need to be shopping huh?