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The episode opened with the police finding a body in the trunk of a stolen muscle car. Steve, Danny, and Lori begin looking into body while Kono and Chin Ho start looking into the cars. 

Five-O eventually learned that the victim was going by the name Alex Raines and his girlfriend and he were staying at local motel. The girlfriend pointed Steve and Danny to his work on a ship laying cable in international waters. 

While on the ship they learned that Alex was in the witness protection program and that a new guy on the ship knew who he was and had exposed him to the Boston mafia who sent two men to kill him. 

When Five-O found the two men they had taken the girlfriend hostage and were demanding to know where Alex was. After killing one of them and capturing the other Five-O found that the doctor who had performed plastic surgery on Alex had accidentally killed him and tried to cover it up. 

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Danny: The waves keep crashing over and over
Steve: Some would call it soothing Danny
Danny: Some would call it Hawaiian Water Torture.

Not me, I would not partake of such in such a morally questionable activity. Other, on the other hand don't have my strength of character.